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Every time you refer a friend to Rep the Squad, we'll send you a $20 Amazon gift card. We'll also give everyone you refer 50% off their first month. We're good like that.

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Amazon gift cards

You get a $20 Amazon gift card

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Your friend gets 50% off their first month

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit on how many I can refer?
Nope. You're only limited by how many paid subscribers you can refer. So, technically, yes: the limit is the number of friends you have that love sports.
How do I check the status of my referrals?
After you sign in you can check your referral status. Your successful referrals will be shown above.
Can I sign up two accounts, cancel, and pocket the $20?
Dude. We don't issue the reward until both accounts have been members for at least one month, which means you'd be operating at a loss. We think this is a great reward for customers and their friends because we value them. Don't ruin it by being that guy. No one likes that guy.
I didn't receive my Amazon gift card. What do I do?
Drop us a line at support@repthesquad.com and we'll help you out.