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Don’t hang onto old jerseys you don’t want, and don’t wear crummy knockoffs when you could be wearing authentic gear. Send us your unwanted jerseys, and we’ll hook you up.

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How it works

Sign up now and we'll discount your first month and email you a prepaid mailer to send in your jersey. Once it arrives, we'll make your next month free.

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We'll get your old jersey into the best shape we can, then donate it.

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In addition to saving 50% on your first month your next month is completely free.

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We'll take your fakes

We’d rather have you out there repping in an authentic jersey than a phony. Wouldn’t you?

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5 Stars
“SUPER fast shipping! I got my jersey within two days. It was sealed in a plastic bag and packed like a real present!”
- Matt M. Facebook

Frequently asked questions

Are we swapping jerseys?
Well, you get a lot more jerseys than we do, but sort of. If you trade-in your jersey we’ll give you a free month’s subscription. When you add that to the 50% off your first month just for signing up that’s six free weeks total. Not bad for a ratty old jersey you're not using anyway, right? And it goes to a good cause!
Will you take any jersey?
For the most part yes. This is a judgment call of course, but if it has an NFL, NBA, or MLB team name or logo on it we’re going to consider it a jersey. We understand some of 'em could be fakes and knock-offs of course, but we want to get those off the street anyway. We want you repping the real thing.
What do you do with the trade-in jerseys?
We clean ‘em up and donate nearly all of them to local charities like the Boys & Girls Club, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army.
How do I get you my jersey?
Just provide your email address above and we’ll send you a pre-paid USPS label by the next business day. Send out your jersey with your regular outgoing mail and we should have our hands on it within a few business days (depending on how far away you live, naturally).
I'm already a member. Can I trade-in a jersey for a free month?
Yes you can! Just email and request a free shipping label.

Sign up to receive 50% off your first month and a free shipping label.

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