Gift Subscription Terms & Conditions

Purchasing Gift Subscriptions Additional Terms and Conditions
All Gifts Subscriptions (“Gift”) offered by Rep the Squad may be subject to these additional terms and conditions, in addition, to the Terms and Conditions (located on the web at Whether making a purchase of a Gift Subscription (“Buyer”) or accepting a Gift (“Recipient”), Buyer and Recipient acknowledge and agree to Additional Terms and Conditions, so please read carefully.  If you don’t agree with these Additional Terms and Conditions, please do not purchase Gift from our Service.

Gift Expiration and Transferability
Gifts have no expiration date; however, Rep the Squad maintains the right to apply abandonment property law following federal and state statues as appropriate.  Gifts are nontransferable.  When you purchase a Gift, only you or the named recipient has the right to receive the Gift. You cannot transfer the right to receive the Gift to anyone else.

Gift Subscriptions are purchased and billed on a one-time basis. Buyer hereby authorize us to charge the credit card you have on file or inputs at the time of purchase of the Gift. To accept Gift, Recipient must enter a credit card number to validate authenticity and ensure required monthly subscription fees, therefore Recipient’s credit card will be automatically billed once the Gift period ends.  Please see Terms and Conditions for options to place locker on pause or cancel the Service to avoid auto renewal charges. 

No Refunds or Exchanges
Once your purchase of a Gift is completed, the Gift cannot be returned or refunded by either you or the recipient of the Gift. Rep the Squad advises that prior to placing an order for a Gift you carefully review your selection. Once you have purchased a Gift, you agree to not dispute or otherwise seek a “chargeback” from the credit card or other payment method you used. If you have a question about a charge, you agree to contact us at If you deliberately or inadvertently issue a chargeback to the credit card, you agree to pay any processing and collection fees necessary to cover our costs for processing of each chargeback. Failure to pay such fees and amounts owed for Gifts purchased may result in the information pertaining to your outstanding debt being turned over to a collection agency. Past-due balances, collections and arbitration follow our Terms and Conditions, please review those carefully.