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“SUPER fast shipping! I got my jersey within two days. It was sealed in a plastic bag and packed like a real present! Can't wait to rep a different Hawk every week!”
- Matt M. Facebook
“Love this idea! SUPER simple... FAST... PROFESSIONAL!!! And they got my team!!! #ONEPRIDE... Thank you RTS.... Love it!”
- Patrick C. Facebook

Frequently asked questions

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If I get a little stain on my jersey, do I get charged?
Nope. Hotwings are an important part of sports, and we get that. If you get a stain on the jersey, don't sweat it; we treat stains like Dikembe Mutombo treated layups… meaning we erase them, then dramatically wag our finger at them.

On the other hand, if you, say, wear your jersey through a mud-run or set it on fire after the player on the back asks for a trade, then we'll probably have to charge you for it. Basically, if it's cleanable, we'll clean it, but if you really try you could probably mangle a jersey enough that we can't get it all the way back. Please don't try that hard.
Are squad jerseys clean?
Absolutely. We inspect and professionally clean every jersey when it comes back, and only ship immaculate jerseys to our fans.
What type of jersey do I get?
It depends a little bit on which style and player you're getting, but basically most of our "regular" jerseys are Nike game day jerseys (for football) or Nike swingman jerseys (for basketball). Most of our throwback jerseys are from Mitchell & Ness, though a few are Nike (football) or Adidas (basketball). Our MLB jerseys are made by Majestic. Any given jersey page will specify what type it is, so if you're not sure, just check the specs.
If I send my jersey back Monday, will I have a new one in time for the game?
Depends which game you're talking about. If it's a football game on Sunday, you should be fine. Thursday night's Color Rush game might be cutting it a little bit close, but we'll try our best. If it's Tuesday's basketball or baseball game, we can't get things turned around quite that fast.

In general, a good rule of thumb is that it usually takes 2-3 days to get a new jersey, slightly longer if there's a Sunday or a holiday in there.
I have a bunch of kids and a husband/wife/really clingy roommate. Can I have more than one jersey at a time?
Not yet, but soon. We're working on expanding our depth-chart to accommodate multi-fan memberships. Check back soon. Real soon.
Ok, I was at the game and my favorite player signed my jersey. Can I keep it?
Yep! If you want to keep your jersey because you had an awesome fan moment in it, or just because you like the way it fits, just let us know at  Every jersey we offer has a buy it now price so you can continue to build your own personal jersey rotation.
My NBA team didn't make the playoffs, how do I cancel?
Bummer. If you still have your NBA jersey, you can put your locker in "off-season mode," in which it automatically starts back up in October 2018 for the NBA preseason. During the off-season, you can either hold onto your jersey for only $2.95 per month or you can return it and be billed absolutely nothing.

Of course, you can also cancel your account and be billed nothing at all once your jersey is returned.

You can change your plan on the My Account page.