It's About Your Team.

Being A Fan's About More Than Just One Player.


We Are Fans

Rep the Squad came from a simple idea: you should be able to wear whatever jersey you want, whenever you want. Obviously it isn’t realistic for the average fan to buy thousands of jerseys, but what if there was a collection of thousands of jerseys already available to them? 

But what is Rep the Squad, really?

We live and die by the big play and wear our colors with pride. We know sports is about more than wins and losses; it’s about community, passion, and coming together for the big moments… and yeah, it’s also about wins and losses. We wake up each gameday like it’s Christmas morning. We love our players and respect our rivals. We’re not afraid to cheer until our throats go numb. We are fans.

And so are you.

Welcome to the Squad. We've got your back.

Our Values

Fans First

Everything is done with our fans in mind. If we empower them, they become our fans as well.

Head cases aren't welcome

We assume positive intent and trust. We put others before ourselves. We're nice. We work hard. Those are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Every Day is Game Day

Every day we bring our 'A' game. We're accountable and operate with a strong sense of integrity, transparency and urgency.

Practice the Fundamentals

Every interaction is an opportunity to learn, improve and grow. We are open, adaptable and expect one another to share feedback, ideas and new information.

We Keep Score

Our process is only as good as our results. We work smart and get into the trenches to figure things out. We expect to win, and we celebrate together when we do.

Miracles happen

Reinvention requires brave, innovative risk-takers. We're empowered to cultivate ideas and we experiment continuously. We consider the 1% possibility.

Open Jobs

Our roster is full right now, but please check back the next time you're a free agent.