7 ways Rep the Squad is hacking the jersey market

Rep the Squad is the Netflix-for-jerseys startup that lets fans subscribe for unlimited access to their massive collection MLB, NBA, and NFL jerseys. Here’s how they’re changing the jersey game for fans like you.


Keep your jersey bench deep

It’s not just about your favorite player anymore; you can rep all your team’s stars, your favorite bench players, and classic throwback legends. For example, Warriors fans aren’t just limited to Steph & KD; they can also rep Klay, Iggy, Javale, and others, or go old-school with Chris Mullin, Tim Hardaway, and Rick Barry.


Rep the Rainbow with plenty of colors and styles

Every team’s got multiple jerseys, and you should be able wear whichever style you want, when you want to. Never mind basic home and away (though they’ve got those too), Rep the Squad stocks cool variants like the NFL’s Color Rush or the NBA’s Statement and Fashion jerseys.


Built-in trade insurance

About the worst thing that can happen to a fan is seeing their favorite player traded. Rep the Squad can’t help with the heartache, but they can make sure you’re not stuck with a jersey for a player that’s not on your team anymore.

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Never do laundry again

Rep the Squad handles all the laundry. You just wear the jerseys, and when you’re done, they send you a new one, fresh, clean, and folded, straight to your door. Better yet, don’t panic if you spill a little beer or hot sauce on your jersey; Rep the Squad are stain-busting superheroes.


The people have spoken, and they dig it

Rep the Squad’s got plenty of fans already, and they’ve made their voices heard on Facebook, with an average score of 4.5 (out of 5). With over 10,000 followers on social media, that score’s a pretty significant vote of confidence.


Never pay for shipping

RTS pays all shipping, both ways. All fans pay is the monthly subscription fee ($19.95). No hidden fees.


Risk free, cancel anytime, try it for free

Not sure if it’s for you? No worries. Rep the Squad offers a two-week free trial. If you sign up and eventually decide it’s not for you, you can cancel anytime with no questions asked.

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