7 Rare Jerseys Available At Rep The Squad

Rep the Squad is a jersey subscription club (think Gamefly, but for jerseys) that gives superfans an immense jersey wardrobe at a fraction of retail cost. RTS also sports some rare jerseys that fans just can't get normally.


Rick Barry “The City” Warriors throwback

The greatest Warrior ever in the most beloved Warrior jersey ever. The iconic jersey shouts out The City along with the Golden Gate Bridge on the front, and a San Francisco cable car on the back. Notably, this is the rare NBA jersey that doesn’t feature a player name on the back , putting team first, most, and last.


Wilt Chamberlain gold Lakers throwback

Before Pau, before Shaq, before Kareem… there was Wilt. The most dominant Laker—heck, the most dominant player—ever doesn’t have an official jersey currently in production, but RTS offers his official old-school Adidas jersey for Lakers fans across the country.


Shaun Livingston Icon Warriors jersey

It’s an open secret that Nike mostly botched their NBA jersey launch, making non-star Warriors jerseys extremely difficult to find. Rep the Squad found a way, though, with a healthy stock of beloved backup guard Shaun Livingston. If he’s not your guy, no worries; they’ve also got Iggy, Zaza, Swaggy P, and JaVale McGee.

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Shawn Kemp early 90s throwback

The biggest Sonic of the 90s, Shawn Kemp’s classic green jersey is beyond hard to find… but if you love the Reign Man, RTS is here to help you out. Somehow, someway, they tracked down a bunch of Kemp’s classic green-and-yellows for Sonics fans to show their love for their former franchise.


Tom Rathman scarlet throwback

It’s not hard to find jerseys for 49er Hall of Famers like Montana, Young, and Rice…but iconic role players like tank-in-a-human-suit Tom Rathman are a bit more scarce. Rep the Squad has Rathman’s classic scarlet jersey, though, ready and waiting for the Niner faithful.


Jay Buhner classic Trident throwback

A classic look for a classic player, take a trip back to the Mariners’ 1990s heyday. Buhner wasn’t the team’s best player—that’d be his pal Griffey—but he swung (and hard) for the team for the entire decade in his sleek Trident jersey. Rock some old-school Mariners swag with Buhner’s classic Trident jersey.


Kobe Bryant blue alternate throwback

Black Mamba in blue; this rare Kobe Bryant alternate throwback harkens back to early Laker jerseys from the Minneapolis days, and sports a slick multi-star design that’s fitting for the franchise’s all-time leader in All-Star selections. Wanna rep Kobe in something with a little more old-school flair than his usual wine and gold? You know where to look.

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