Who To Rep: Week 10

Welcome to the tenth edition of “Who to Rep,” our ongoing series in which we recommend a player to rep for the upcoming week. Our selection process is rigorously unscientific, but we hope you like it anyway.

How much better is the NFL whenever Marshawn Lynch is in it? From his “only I can get away with this” running style to his contentious relationship with the press to his sheer joy at being back in Oakland, the guy just makes football fun again.

He also made Who to Rep a pretty easy pick this week, with two touchdowns in a narrow win against the Dolphins. The honorable mention goes to Derek Carr, who put Lynch in position to finish drives with 300 passing yards, but didn’t light up the scoreboard much himself with only one touchdown (and one interception).

Lynch did his damage the way he always does, by being the one back in the league who actively seeks out contact and punishes defenders when they give it to him. Perhaps a step slower than he was in Seattle, Lynch still puts plenty of power behind those impacts when he drops his shoulder and ruins some poor linebacker’s day.

The later in the game, the more defenders hesitate before going after Lynch, in no hurry to be trampled and/or steamrolled yet again. That’s when Lynch has them, using that extra half a second they give him to bolt in the opposite direction, finally getting loose to nab that critical first down or score.

That was exactly the script on Sunday, with Lynch largely contained through the first half, and then scoring twice as the game went on. We could talk more about how exactly he did that, or we could kill some time trying to explain how fun and unique Lynch is with hyperbolic metaphors: 

Marshawn Lynch is a rocket-boosted bulldozer with Skittles in the gas tank.

Marshawn Lynch is what happens to defensive linemen who don’t listen to their parents and forget to brush their teeth.

Marshawn Lynch is the Juggernaut from X-Men, but if he could dance.

Marhsawn Lynch is the spike-covered monster truck in a Mad Max movie that runs over the other spike-covered monster trucks in a Mad Max movie.

Marshawn Lynch is what the Loch Ness Monster is hiding from.

Marshawn Lynch is the bully who picks on your bully.

Marshawn Lynch is Truckosaurus’ only natural predator.

Marshawn Lynch is a rhinoceros successfully passing for human mostly just because we’re all too afraid to be the one who calls him on it.

Marshawn Lynch is the heat-seeking version of the boulder from Indiana Jones, but with the capacity to hold a grudge.

Marhsawn Lynch is what a gamma-irradiated Bo Jackson turns into when he gets angry.

Marshawn Lynch is what lives under the Boogie Man’s bed. 

Marshawn Lynch is who you should probably give the ball to when you have it on the one yard line during your final drive in the Super Bowl. 

Marshawn Lynch is who to rep this week.

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