Who to Rep: Steph Curry

Welcome to the thirty-fourth edition of “Who to Rep,” our ongoing series in which we recommend a player to rep for the upcoming week. Our selection process is rigorously unscientific, but we hope you like it anyway.

Well, that was more like it, no? Steph Curry hasn’t looked quite right since coming back from injury, missing a little left under his jumper and some lateral quickness on both ends, but Sunday night he looked like the 2x MVP and captain of the league’s all-time winningest season (2016).

Curry finished with 35 points on 13-23 shooting (5-13 on 3s), but the real highlight was the third quarter supernova during which he lit up the Rockets for 18 points, shimmying and swaggering all the while. For all the (dubious) talk of Kevin Durant as the team’s best player, there’s no question that the Warriors are at their best when Curry is Curry, and it had been a while since we’d seen him be quite that Curry.

Durant had a good game himself, with 25 points of his own to go with 6 rebounds and 6 assists, all complimented by an above-average defensive effort. Draymond didn’t score a ton (10 points), but he had an awesome floor game with 17 rebounds and 6 assists alongside his usual best-in-class defense. Klay Thompson had less of a box score impact (13 points, 3 assists, 1 rebound) but he played all-world defense on both Harden and Paul, helping hold the Rockets’ star duo to just 33 combined points on 32 shots.

It all comes back to Curry, though, and if this explosion means he’s back to full strength, then Houston probably won’t win another game… meaning if you want to troll the Houston fan in your life before the series ends, you better get to repping that Curry jersey ASAP.

Steph Curry Jerseys

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