Top 3 Seahawks Moments

Seattle being one of our launch cities, and our hometown, Rep the Squad wanted to show a little Seahawks love before the season kicks off. Below are our picks for the top three moments in Seahawks history… mostly. We left out the championship because, well, obviously that’s number one, but you didn’t need a blog post to tell you that… though we guess technically this one just did.

#3 The Beast Quake

2011 Wild Card game, Seahawks vs. defending champion Saints… Beast Mode at his very best. With the game on the line and Seattle trailing, the Seahawks went to their biggest, baddest scoring threat, calling a run for Marshawn Lynch. With the New Orleans defense doing an admirable job of outfoxing Seattle’s blockers, Lynch was forced to steamroll through a would-be Scott Shanle tackle… and another eight tackles after that, climaxing in a triumphant backwards leap into the endzone.

The Seattle 12th Man cheered so loud and so long they registered on a nearby seismograph, hence… Beast Quake.

Relive the loudest play in Seahawks history at the link below:

#2 Largent of Boom

Early in the 1988 season, Seattle superstar Steve Largent took the worst hit of his career courtesy of Denver’s Mike Harden. A diving forearm blow to the head (and a pretty cheap shot to boot), Harden’s shot knocked Largent out cold; when the All-Pro receiver came to, he was out a couple of teeth.

Fourteen weeks later, though, Seattle and Denver faced off in another contentious game, and Largent got his revenge. Harden managed to pull down an endzone interception, and made quite a run of it, before Largent absolutely splathammered him. It was a hit that would do latter day Seahawks Thomas, Chancellor, and Sherman proud, a chest-first rules-legal gangland hit that knocked so much wind out of Harden it changed the weather*.

Not only did Largent (a wide receiver) clobber Harden (a safety) so hard he forced a fumble, but Steve (“Yoda” to his friends) had the presence of mind to reclaim the loose ball…and the justification to rub Harden’s nose in it.

*Rep the Squad was unable to verify this particular claim.

Relive the greatest Seahawk’s greatest moment in the clip linked below:

#1 The Immaculate Deflection

The play that made Richard Sherman a household name. 2014 NFC Championship, with the game on the line, the 49ers had a chance to steal the game and the NFC title. It looked like San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree had built a little separation, and quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw the would-be game winner his way. That… was a mistake.

Kaepernick had been (smartly) avoiding Richard Sherman all game, and when it counted the most, Sherman showed why. With a leaping, spinning reach Sherman covered the distance he needed to cover and tipped the would-be season ending pass into the waiting arms of teammate Michael Smith.

Michael Crabtree didn’t like that, didn’t accept Sherman’s handshake after the fact, and probably also didn’t appreciate Sherman’s excoriating him in the post-game interview with Erin Andrews. …but Seahawks fans did. Knowing now that it led directly to their first title only makes it sweeter.

Relive the Immaculate Deflection at the link below:

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