Squad Gives Back

Since 1860, The Boys & Girls Club of America has been working to empower, educate, and enable kids all over the country.

From after-school opportunities to mentorship programs to thousands of other programs, initiatives, and charitable works, the Club has not only had a hand in encouraging countless youths towards a life of responsibility, civic pride, and empathy, but has partnered again and again with various major league sport leagues and their stars to do even more of the same.

NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL athletes are more than just stars to those kids: they’re role models. The Boys & Girls Club of America core values of community, hard-work, and empathy are the same as the core values of the greatest teams of all time, and are the values we here at Rep the Squad feel most strongly about, as well.

In that spirit, Rep the Squad is excited to announce we’ve made donations to The Boys and Girls Club of America branches in Seattle, Detroit, and San Francisco. Civic pride and service are important elements of fandom, and extremely important to us here at Squad. We talk a lot about repping your squad—that also means repping your community, and this is us putting our literal money where our metaphorical mouth is.

As we ramp up in the months to come, we’ll continue to make donations to The Boys and Girls Club of America as well as other reputable charitable foundations as part of our ongoing “Squad Gives Back” effort. As Rep the Squad continues to grow and expand, so will the reach and scale of our charitable efforts. We’re big on sportsmanship, obviously, but in this one case we look forward to running up the score as much as we can.


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