Fun Fact Friday: Miguel Cabrera

Happy Fun Fact Friday! Here are five of our favorite facts about Miguel Cabrera

1) Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown in 2012.

The Triple Crown consists of leading the league in RBIs, batting average, and home runs all in one season. It’s been done 17 times… 16 of those times before 1968. 13 of them before 1950… and one of them, by Miguel Cabrera, in 2012. He was the first winner in 45 years, accomplishing the feat in an era with a lot more teams, batters, and competition. It’s one of the single most impressive baseball achievements of the last fifty years.

2) Miguel Cabrera is a practitioner of Santería

For those who don’t know, Santería is an Afro-Cuban spiritual tradition with strong ties to Catholicism predicated on the worship of saints. So it makes sense that Miguel practices both Santeria and Catholicism. Cabrera is also a Babalawo, which—to grossly oversimplify in the name of brevity—is something like a priest in the Santerían tradition*.

*Technically, it’s a little closer to being a priest of the Ifá, which is a major component of Santería. 

3) Miguel Cabrera Will Likely End This Season at #30 on the all-time home run list.

Currently sitting at 462 homers, Cabrera needs only knock in fourteen dingers this year to pass Stan Musial and Willie Stargell on the all-time list. For a guy who’s hit at least that many out of the park every season since 2003 (his rookie year), that seems doable. As recently has 2016, he went deep 38 times. If Cabrera can pull together another year like that, he may even find himself closing in on Lou Gehrig in the 29th spot (493 homers).

4) Miguel Cabrera Won the Hank Aaron Award Twice in a row

The Hank Aaron Award is given annually to the top hitter in baseball, according to a vote by both fans and members of the media. Not only is Miggy the only Tiger to ever win the award, he did it twice, winning in both 2012 and 2013. He joins some extremely elite company there; the only other players to win back-to-back Hank Aaron awards are, in order, Alex Rodriguez*, Barry Bonds, and Jose Bautista. All big names with bats to match.

*A-Rod is a cut above, as he stands alone as the only player to win the award three consecutive times and four total).

5) His first name is actually José

Not a ton to this one, but Miguel “Miggy” Cabrera’s given name is actually José Miguel Cabrera Torres.

Bonus Fact) Miguel Cabrera once started a heated internal debate between Rep the Squad’s top marketer and one of our writers about whether or not he might one day legitimately retire as the greatest hitter of all time.

Both sides to this day feel very strongly that the other is wrong. They now communicate pretty exclusively through the writer of this article, which, not to editorialize, is getting pretty old, guys.

Anyway, feel free to let us know which one of them is right on social, and hopefully end this Cabrera-themed office Cold War.

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