Five Tips for the Perfect Sports Bachelor Party

Planning a bachelor party can be a daunting task… but it gets a little less daunting if you know the groom-to-be is a diehard sports fan. Here are a few tips for building an MVP-caliber last night on the town for best soon-to-be-wifed-up bros.

1) Location

It’s easy to assume that the play here is to go to a game, and that makes sense on paper. He likes sports, let’s go watch sports, right? Wrong. As great as a live game is—and make no mistake, live sports are as good as it gets—stadiums aren’t super conducive to a bachelor party environment.

There’s two main problems. One, the focus at any live game is on the game, not the guy: never forget, this party is for one man first, and the rest of the crew second. Two, sitting in assigned seats or even a beer garden isn’t super conducive to freedom or conversation, two of the absolute must-haves for any legendary last ride.

So where do you go instead? If you’re lucky enough to live—or privileged enough to get to—someplace with live sports betting, a good sports book is a great answer. Free drinks, lots of screens, tons of freedom… and often very nearby plenty of other entertainment options (especially if you’re going with the traditionalist Las Vegas bachelor experience).

Failing that, we recommend starting—but not finishing—the night at a solid mid-tier sports bar. You’re looking for three things here: plenty of screens, good food, and good booze. Don’t worry too much about ambiance or extra entertainment yet… that comes later.

2) Entertainment

Beyond the obvious of “have the games on early in the night,” what do you do for entertainment? This is a family-friendly site, so we can’t get too in-depth on the tried-and-true bachelor party traditions, but suffice to say it’s pretty easy to put a sports-spin on the most famous one with a minor wardrobe change (we might even know where you could get some jerseys…) and a little creativity.

Beyond that, though, we recommend catering to the bachelor-in-question’s tastes. Clubs are great if he’s into that scene, but don’t force it (although if you do, see #5 on this list). If he’s more the nerdy homebody type, it’s totally fine to head to his mancave and play poker/board games/Call of Duty whatever it is he loves to do; after all, it’s his party.

If you’re looking for something a little more in-between, the recommendation here is to seek out that fine line between grown-up and totally immature; bachelor parties are about crossing that line, so there’s no better time to walk it. Boozy laser tag, Dave and Buster’s with side-bets, a trampoline house with some female companionship… these are the kind of activities you should be looking for.

3) Stakes

Whatever you do, make sure it counts for something. This doesn’t have to mean gambling—though if your gang is into that, by all means, it’s a great way to inject a little extra adrenaline—but mostly it’s about keeping everybody in the moment and providing juuuuuuust enough structure that you don’t end up in a Hangover-style hunt for your missing groomsmen the next morning.

The stakes don’t have to be competitive, either. If it’s a sports-themed party, it makes sense for you to be a team. Scavenger hunts—which can range from the PG “bottle caps from different breweries” to more explicit items as befits the groom-to-be—are one option, as are timed challenges; escape rooms are great for puzzle-loving crews, while a chugging challenge might make more sense for a bunch of former frat brothers. You know your crew well enough to know which way to lean.

4) Theme

This one’s pretty easy and built-in to the idea of sports-centric bachelor party, but you can take it even further if you want. From basic options—like getting the man of the hour a signed jersey from his favorite player—to more elaborate, night defining options like assigning “positions” to the whole posse.

For example, if it’s a football-loving crowd, the Best Man might be the quarterback, calling plays and directing traffic all night. Two other groomsman may have running back duty: they get the drinks. Other pals get similar assignments (offensive lineman handles everybody’s phones to keep business, wives, or anything else short of an emergency from interfering) until the whole crew has a job to do.

That’s only one option, of course. Others include themed drinks or food, pickup games, or whatever the almost-husband would most enjoy. 

5) Wardrobe

Last but not least, if you’re going for a sports-themed party, may was well rock some sports-themed apparel. You, your buddy, and his bachelor party crew are nothing if not a team, so dress like it. Load up on jerseys from his favorite team, and hit the streets in style. Trust us, if you do end up going to the club, twelve dudes decked out in authentic jerseys will definitely make an impact. Might make for an easy icebreaker, hint hint. Though what you do from there is your business, not ours.

Of course, if you’re worried about how to load up on jerseys for the crew without breaking the bank, that is our business. With Rep the Squad, everybody on your team can suit up in an authentic Nike or Majestic jersey for just twenty bucks. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting everybody to sign up individually, no worries: gift subscriptions are also available. 

So suit up, party down, and show your buddy his last great night of singledom. If you follow the playbook we just laid out for you, you’ll be the unanimous bachelor party MVP.

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