5 Ways to Take Care of Your Jersey and Make it Last

We all have our favorite jerseys... and we all live in fear of the day they end up frayed, stained, or faded. Luckily, we here at Rep the Squad are pretty much jersey preservation experts, and we've got five tips and tricks to help make sure your jersey stays as vibrant as the day you bought it. 

1) No heat. Ever.

Quickest way to damage your jersey? Toss it in the dryer. Second quickest? Wash it in hot water. Numbers crack, colors fade, stitching frays. Heat is bad news all around (unless you’re a Miami fan, but that’s a different subject). When you wash your jerseys, use cold water, and make sure to hang/air dry them.

2) Snip loose threads.

Jerseys—especially stitched jerseys—fray. Fact of life. You can slow that process down with tip #1, but it’s eventually going to happen. When it does, it’s worth your time to grab your favorite pair of scissors and snip rogue threads. Not only will this help keep your jersey looking fresh and new, but by removing loose threads you also remove the chance of them catching on something and turning one stray thread into a tear, tangle, or missing letter.

3) Stain removal 101: sooner is better.

We all know stains suck, but also: we all know stains happen. Thing you may not know, though: they get harder to remove the longer you wait to blast them. The sooner you treat a stain, the better your odds are of removing in. One tip if you’re really worried (or just going somewhere stain-probable): carry a Tide pen with you; they’re small enough to transport easily in your pocket/purses/backpack, and they can beat about 80% of stains. Failing that, just make sure to fight your stains as soon as you get home, ideally with Oxi Clean or Tide pens*.

*At least, that’s what we use in the warehouse.

As for general washing? Woolite is your key to keeping the colors vibrant (or, better yet, a 75:25 Woolite/Tide mixture). 

4) Stain removal 102: the secret to killing grease stains.

For as much help as #3 can be for most stains, grease stains can be especially tenacious. Worse, they’re pretty easy to get, coming from anything from your lunch to your car. Good news, though: there’s a trick to them. If you find yourself with a particularly stubborn grease stain, try soaking your jersey in cold water mixed with dish detergent for about an hour; dishwashing detergents are especially designed to break down grease in a way laundry detergents aren’t, and we’ve found this method will almost always solve the problem.

Use Rep the Squad and your jerseys will ALWAYS look good.

Of course, all of the above might sound like a lot of work. There’s another option: use Rep the Squad. For less than twenty bucks a month, we’ll hook you up with your favorite jerseys, and handle all the cleaning/laundry/maintenance. All you have to do is wear the jersey, and send it back when you want to wear a different one. Basically, you get an unlimited supply of your team’s jerseys, and they are guaranteed to always look fresh, clean, and slick.


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